Useful Information

Washing and Care Tips

Some people think silk as being a difficult fabric to care for but I assure you that it is not true. I recommend hand washing but if your scarf has no detailed design on it, you can pop it into washing machine on a 30/40' temp., but never tumble-dry!

The recommended washing way:

Wash by hand in warm water using a non-bio detergent or natural soap flakes. Then gently squeeze and rinse in clean cool water, you can add a little fabric conditioner at this stage. Always line dry, this can be done quickly indoors in front of a radiator but never near an open fire! The silk does not have to be completely dry because it is best to iron when damp on a medium heat. This will naturally complete the drying of the silk. Always remember to iron beneath a clean cotton cloth if your scarf has a picture or design on it that has gutta - the fine latex lines that are used to separate colour.

If you are in a hurry, you can just gently squeeze your scarf under a warm running tap with a drop of fabric conditioner, then again squeeze to take water out and gently iron sandwiched between two towels. This should take less than 10 minutes!